Set deep in the galactic east, the Brim Staging Area has been the stepping off pointing for many campaigns of the Imperium. Whether an aggressive push against the upstart Tau Empire, or a defiant defence against the encroaching Tyranid Hive. But now the system itself, with its vast resources and vital strategic position has come under attack from the many foes of the Imperium....

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Witch Gunslingers of Brim

A mysterious race found only on the Planet of Brim.  Their origins a thing of myth and speculation.  Stories tell of a group of Eldar wraith singers who were cast out by their craftworld, abandoned on the planet millennia ago they have adapted and changed to survive. Their innate special abilities honed in a different direction by their isolation and mixing of blood with humans over the years. They show no alliance,  and mysteriously appear to offer their services to whoever can pay, be it a fortune in wealth or some unsubstantial trinket they always manage to ask for something the buyer can afford.  Their appearance is human with hints of Eldar but differs from Witch to Witch, some wear wild costumes and expensive jewellery while others wear hooded cloaks and hide in the shadows. While every witch is unique they all share the same ability, to craft guns and ammunition from wraithbone. These weapons differ greatly from their Eldar equivalent in that they are more attuned to their wielder and can be used in many different ways.

                               WS   BS   S    T    W     I    A    ld      Sv 
Witch Gunslinger   3      4     3    3      2     5     2     9      4+ (5+)

                                                      Range    S   AP     Type                         
Lasblaster                                         24”     3     5      Assault 2

Power weapon 
Witch Armour
Witch gun – Limited Ammunition 1 round

Witch Guns:
A Witch Gun is an elaborate piece of crafted machinery, made from a combination of wraithbone and metal components its exact workings are known only to the gunslingers themselves. Each one is a unique ornate piece hand crafted by each witch to their own design, no two are alike but they do all share the same firing characteristics.

The witch gun fires specially crafted witch bullets made from a special kind of wraithbone. These bullets are specially adapted to the witches will and can be fired in many different ways. To craft a bullet requires patience and focus so they can only be made one at a time. The resulting round can be used to fire bolts of lighting, shards of ice or even summon entities to aid the witch in battle

Bullet Crafting:
A Witch begins with 1 Witch bullet in the guns chamber but may attempt to craft more during a battle. To do so they must sacrifice all other actions that turnincluding moving and shooting and roll a d6. On a 3+ they gain an extra Witch bullet to fire.

Witch bullets can be fired as elemental rounds and are chosen from the following: 

                                                      Range    S   AP     Type                         
Ice                                                     48”     7    2      Assault 1, Blast
Fire                                                    48”     8    1       Assault 1, Melta
Thunder                                             48”     9    2       Assault 1
Water                                                 48”    6    4       Assault 4, Rending

At the cost of 2 bullets the following can be fired: 

                                                      Range    S   AP     Type                         
Shadow                                              48”    10   1       Heavy 1
Light                                                  48”     9    3       Heavy 1, Large Blast
Life                                                    48”     -     -       Regen 1 Wound, Target Self
Death                                                 48”    10   -       Assault 1, Instant Death

Entity Summoning:
A witch gunslinger may choose to fire a witch bullet to bring forth entities to do their bidding. In a combination of magic and will power the bullet is warped into a being that is the physical manifestation of the witches thoughts. In the heat of battle it can be difficult to stay clear headed, as a result the entity brought forth can be somewhat random.

Summoned entities arrive within 6" of the Witch and cost 1 Witch bullet.  As long as the Witch is still alive they remain under the Witch’s control. If the Witch is killed they are immediately removed from play.

When fired roll a d6…

  1. Protector Entities: 5 models, forms a squad including Witch.*
  2. Warrior Entities: 10 models, forms an independent squad.*
  3. Heroic Entity.
  4. Supreme Hero (x2 heroic charms).
  5. Monstrous Entity.
  6. Supreme Monster (x2 monstrous charms). 

                               WS   BS   S    T    W     I    A    ld      Sv 
Protector Entity     3      3      3    4     1     3     1     7      4+
Unit Type: Infantry.
Wargear: Random but count as a single close combat weapon.
Special rules: Fearless.

                               WS   BS   S    T    W     I    A    ld      Sv 
Warrior Entity        4      4     4     4     1     4     1     8      3+
Unit Type: Infantry.
Wargear: Random but count as a single close combat weapon.
Special rules: Fearless, Furious Charge, Fleet.

                               WS   BS   S    T    W     I    A    ld      Sv 
Heroic Entity          5      4     4    4     2      4    3     9       3+
Unit Type: Infantry, (Hero Base).
Wargear:  Random but count as a single close combat weapon.
Special rules: Independent Character, Fearless, Furious Charge, Fleet., Heroic Charm.

                              WS   BS   S    T    W     I    A    ld      Sv 
Monstrous Entity  6      4     5    6     3     4     3     8      3+
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature (Dreadnaught Base).
Wargear: random but count as a single close combat weapon.
Special rules: Fearless, Furious Charge, Fleet., Monstrous Charm.

*If a further Witch bullet is fired into a Protector or Warrior squad they can have the Mobility and Mighty Strike charms added to their profile at the cost of 1 bullet each

Heroic charms: (roll d6) 
  1. Mobility.
  2. Aura.
  3. Mighty strike.
  4. Whirlwind strike.
  5. Energy burst.
  6. Ultimate sacrifice.

Monstrous charms: (roll d6) 
  1. Mobility.
  2. Aura
  3. Flame breath
  4. Toxic strike.
  5. Energy beams.
  6. Ultimate sacrifice.

Be it massive Wings or spectacular speed the unit can cover the battlefield with ease. The Unit is upgraded to Jump Infantry

Mighty Strike:
The Blows from the unit can pierce the strongest of Armour. The Unit counts as being equipped with Power Weapons.

An invisible energy field surrounds the unit protecting g it from even the greatest of harm. the unit gains a 4+ invulnerable save (if rolled again the save modifies to 3+).

Whirlwind Strike:
The unit is capable of delivering a furious number blows in quick succession it gains +2d6 attacks in close combat.

Energy Burst:
Blazing beams of energy can be fired from the unit (shooting attack), Attack x2 if rolled twice.

Flame Breath:
The unit hurls balls of fire at its enemies (shooting attack) Attack x2 if rolled twice.

Toxic Strike:
The units claws/hands/weapons are coated in poisonous venom that automatically wounds on 3+ regardless of toughness.

Energy Beams:
Searing beams of pure energy fly from the unit (shooting attack). Attack x2 if rolled twice.

Ultimate Sacrifice:
Upon death the model explodes with a strength 8, ap3, large blast.

                                                      Range       S       AP          Type                      
Energy Burst                                    24”        5        4             Assault 3
Energy Burst x2                               24”        5        4             Assault 6
Flame Breath                               Template   4        5             Assault 1
Flame Breath x2                          Template   5        4             Assault 1
Energy Beams                                  48”        9        2             Assault 1
Energy Beams x2                             48”        9        2             Assault 2

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